Wildfox’s Summer 2013 campaign “Hello Sailor!”

wildfox hello sailor

One of the most iconic images that exude confidence and femininity is none other than the 1950s pin-up girl. The vintage artwork is still used to showcase beautiful woman of all shapes and sizes, which embodies the same cheeky and outgoing personality of a Wildfox girl. Wildfox is proud to present the Summer 2013 collection, “Hello Sailor!”

                                                                                                     wildfox - campaign images wildfox - campaign images


Designer Kimberly Gordon drew inspiration from 1950s culture for the collection stating,
“I’ve always been a big fan of pin-up art, it’s so extremely American and the history behind the pin-up girl is so interesting.”

wildfox - campaign imageswildfox - campaign imageswildfox - campaign images

Summer 2013 is all about making girls feel beautiful! U.S.A.-inspired tees and sweaters with fun Americana graphics such as a sequin “U.S.A.” across a tight knit White Label sweater, “I Want You” on our signature Cassidy Tank, and an intarsia knit “Red Cross” on an oversized cardigan. Our endlessly comfortable baggy beach jumpers and gypsy hoodies are adorned with milkshakes, French poodles, and cherries, taking our Wildfox girls right back to a 50s malt shop!

                                                                                                                                          wildfox - campaign images

(images and content sourced from wildfoxcouture.com)

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