Wildfox Denim

wildfox-siwy-waxed-red-jeans-de wildfox-siwy-sequin-jeans-de wildfox-siwy-waxed-black-jeans-de wildfox-siwy-ripped-jeans-de

Wildfox has teamed up with denim designer Michelle Siwy to create a highly anticipated collection, set to be launched in the fall of 2013. Since opening in 2005, Siwy has taken the world of denim by storm with countless celebrities being spotted in a pair of Siwy Jeans. The brand has now become renowned for its high quality fabric and stitch detail. From vintage inspired to sexy to fashion forward, each piece is sure to be perfectly finished from detail to fit.

The design and aesthetic of Siwy perfectly complements the playful nature of Wildfox. Both labels seem to capture the chic and casual glamour of the Californian girl and with the collection soon to be launched, we can only expect great things!

(images sourced from wildfoxcouture.com)

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