Introducing Rollie Nation

Sold in over 11 countries worldwide and in more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand, Rollie Nation is all about comfort, lightness and fun, with a big dash of colour. Created by Australian designer, Vince Lebon, Rollie shoes are the perfect travel companion – on trend, comfortable and weighing just two bananas. Who could ask for more?

banner-e1502675500263.pngRollie is a brand staying true to its roots and dedicated to the universal love of colour, wonder and exploration. Catered for the youthful spirits, the older souls and anyone in between who loves a comfortable shoe.

Rollie Nation has revolutionised footwear! Each pair is crafted with energy returning EVA soles, memory foam socks and thin and flexible stiffeners, weighing in at 20g LESS than a pair of Havaianas. Rollie’s shoes are internationally tested for durability, so you can run and jump without the worry of your shoes weighing you down.

rollie 3

Rollie materials are hand-finished nubuck and soft cow burnish leathers, with a leather sock and leather rand. The signature contrast stitching and laces give them added extra detailing so you know you’re wearing a Rollie shoe!


rollie 5


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